A Man Called Jon

Sometimes being different is when God uses you the most…

ced0d0_861d6b670487421f9c3e86f1b4e9e7cb“A Man Called Jon” is a light-hearted dramedy about Pastor Jon Terrell Carson’s unusual style of worship. Jon’s church is very traditional and is not accustomed to outbursts during service.

One day after embarrassing the church along with his family,  Jon is assigned to a church more suited to his style of praise. Jon and his family find themselves at an African American Church, where he is confronted by Associate Pastor Dickens, who later informs him that he was sent to the wrong church due to mix-up in paperwork.

Jon is moved to his third church where he again struggles to fit in, Will Jon be able to control his celebration or will he be moved for a fourth time?

I’ve been working with Federico, now for the past 7 years he has gone above and beyond the call of duty  Federico has found a way to hone in on the exact tone and feeling of my films and with his music has elevated the picture. This is rare and we often continue looking for someone who can give us what i have gotten in not only my co-worker but someone I call a friend. When it comes to scoring my films he is always top of the list. Its his job to refuse and that should say volumes about the man.

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