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Artist / Community / Beneficiaries:

It is a Family oriented script portraying one of the most traditional events in the Hispanic community, music driven with a high dose of mariachi music blended with cumbia, tango, salsa, merengue, cha cha cha.
The Latino-HIispanic community benefits by having a family-friendly musical that tells the story of its traditions. The story, in English with some Spanish words, is accessible to non-Spanish speakers. Although created here in San Antonio, the English and Spanish are traditional rather than locally idiomatic. This ensures the play is equally applicable to San Antonio audiences as it is for Spanish-speaking audiences in New York, New Mexico, or Los Angeles.
To share the exuberance and vitality of Mariachi music and Latin rhythms, and Hispanic heritage with audiences who, in large part, know some Latino traditions, but will enjoy seeing them on stage. It recreates the many facets of the Quinceañera tradition, from clothing, food, music, and that magical first waltz that marks a girl´s transition from childhood to becoming a woman.
The following links are used by permission of 13 O’Clock Theatre, a Rio Grande Valley company that produced a workshop during the Summer of 2014

The following is footage from the actual shows, the PW: Chato

Cenicienta, a Quinceañera with a taste of Cinderella. Opening scene from Pico Chavez on Vimeo.


Act I Scene Seven MI CORONA from Pico Chavez on Vimeo.


09 Act II Scene Two Cenicumbia from Pico Chavez on Vimeo.


C15WaltzEdison from Pico Chavez on Vimeo.


14Final Reprise Cut from Pico Chavez on Vimeo.

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